The Nine Billion Names Of God – A group show hosted and curated by OX. An Introduction….

Ox are hosting and curating a group show ‘The Nine Billion Names Of God’. We have asked selected artists to make a piece of work in response to the short story ‘The Nine Billion Names Of God’ by Arthur C. Clarke.
Originally published in 1953, The Nine Billion Names of God is a celebrated short story. Like much of the science fiction of the 1950’s, ‘The Nine Billion Names of God’ explores humanity’s anxieties and fears through the use of allegory. Despite being only six pages long, and a fairly simple plot, the story is loaded with metaphorical and allegorical meaning, which is left completely open to the interpretation of the reader. The story has the ability to transcend differing ideologies or belief systems. It can be read as a reflection of social or political anxieties, religious or theological ideas of eschatology or the end of the world, the conflict, suspicions, or contradictions of technology and mysticism or as a metaphor for spiritual transcendence or renewal.
We will be featuring selected participating artists during the run up to the show.

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