‘Table’ 24th June – 3rd July 2016. Tannery Projects, curated by Laura Eldret.

TABLE is an evolving exhibition of prototypes, works-in-progress and events that address the theme of the table as social and material form. The project brings together a group of very different artists, creating a situation that emphasises an open-ended process of thinking through material production. The idea of the table has a multitude of connotations: it is at once a ceremonial space for formal dinners and speeches, and an everyday site of living, a space of working and eating. It may even suggest a utopian space of convivial conversation; on the other hand, it also can be a site for negotiating social codes, hierarchies and gender. TABLE is the result of an invitation by Tannery Artist Laura Eldret to Rachael Champion, Jonathan Trayte and Ox Art – Annabel Pettigrew and Rob MacPherson. For Eldret, a table is a site of transformation, unfolding melodramas and revealing social microcosms. 

table A5 flyer

THEBEST_Table_Dan Weill Photography-16

Table_Dan Weill Photography-9

All images by Dan Weill, 2016

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