cropped-8ab894_25e413eb41f340dbbcea957cc959d90e-jpg_srz_532_428_75_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srz.jpegOx Art are a collaborative art making duo –  Annabel Pettigrew and Rob MacPherson.

Ox was founded in 2012 through a collective interest in mythology, folklore, horror movies, science fiction and pop counterculture. Our work takes timely influence from the pagan Wheel of the Year, and manifests itself through a variety of different means, including sculpture, installation, performance, film, sound and two dimensional work. We employ a synergistic and ritual based method, or approach to our practice, whereby working collaboratively becomes a platform for conversation, question and response, combined making methods, and creates a larger forum for art-making to occur, in both a physical and metaphysical capacity.

Ox also create and curate events to provide fellow artists with a platform in which collaborative work can take place.

Annabel and Rob are Educators and Lecturers, with published pedagogic research and specialty teaching with the co-written ‘Collaboration Workshop’, taught in BA Fine Art at Kingston University.

For enquiries: ox.artists@gmail.com