The Wicker Man Tour

The notion of pilgrimage plays an important part in our practice research.  The Ox Uk Tour of traditional folkloric sites, rites and customs has developed a co-existing tour, The Ox Popculture Pilgrimage Tour, where we have made several pilgrimages to cult British television and movie filming locations. In February 2017 we made our way to the west coast of Scotland in search of The Wicker Man. Our latest pilgrimage took us to many of the filming locations of the 1973 cult British horror movie ‘The Wicker Man.’ With the exception of the aerial shots and the harbour where Sergeant Howie lands on the Island, the majority of the movie was filmed in the west coast region of Dumfries and Galloway.

Come, it’s time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man…..


The opening scene of the ‘Directors Cut’ sees Sergeant Howie reading the Eucharist in a  Church on the mainland. Greyfries Church, Castle Bank, Kirkcudbright.


Arriving on Summerisle, Sergeant Howie begins his enquiries at May Morrison’s Post Office. High Street, Kirkcudbright.


Sergeant Howie calls into The Green Man pub for some supper and a bed for the night. Pub exterior, Ann Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.


We are introduced to the Landlord Alder McGreggor and his daughter Willow. Pub interior, Ellangowan Hotel, St John Street, Creetown.


One of the Harvest Festival photographs, which hangs in The Green Man pub. Ruined Kirk, Anwoth, Castle Douglas.


Ash Buchanan is offered up to Willow, as Sergeant Howie looks on from his bedroom above The Green Man. Pub exterior, George Street/Bruce Street, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.


Maypole Dance. Anwoth, Castle Douglas.


The School House. Anwoth, Castle Douglas.


Ruined Church and Church Yard. Ruined Kirk, Anwoth, Castle Douglas.


Rowan Morrison’s grave. Ruined Kirk, Anwoth, Castle Douglas.


Lennox’s Pharmacy. Boots Pharmacy (formerly Stark Chemist), High Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.

IMG_9440IMG_9438 2

Sacred Stone Circle, (the circle was a prop, constructed in the grounds of the castle) Grounds of Castle Kennedy, Castle Kennedy.


Sergeant Howie en route to Lord Summerisle’s Castle. Castle Kennedy.


Lord Summerisle’s Castle. Culzean Castle, Maybole.


Fire Leap. Stone circle. Castle Kennedy.


The grounds of Lord Summerisle’s Castle. Culzean Castle, Maybole.


Howie researches May Day rites and customs at the Public Library. Public Library, St John Street, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.


Chasing the Hobby Horse/ Search For Rowan. Alley ways off the High Street, Kirkcudbright.


May Day Meeting Place. High Street, Kirkcudbright.


The Procession. Grounds of Castle Kennedy and Lochinch. Castle Kennedy.


To the Beach! An Offering to The Sea. St Ninian’s Beach, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.


Rowan Morrison Found. St Ninian’s Cave. Whithorn, Newton Stewart.


Howie dressed as Punch exits the cave after rescuing Rowan. Cliffs of Burrowhead, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.



“And now for our more dreadful sacrifice.” Our first sight of The Wicker Man. Burrowhead, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.


The sight of the larger Wicker Man (two were used in the film). The holes from where the legs once stood are still visible in the ground.


The residents of Summerisle gather at the Wicker Man.


The site of The Wicker Man (the largest effigy used in the film). Burrowhead, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.



The site of the second Wicker Man used in the film. This effigy is smaller than the aforementioned, and is the effigy which bows it’s head to the sun in the final scene whilst burning. The remaining charred stumps of his legs still protrude from the ground. Burrowhead, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.